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Commercial Masonry Services

Commercial Masonry Services Charlotte, NC

Commercial hardscaping is a specialized job and hiring a skilled and proven company for your project is one the best ways to ensure you get the type of features you want. Companies like Capel Masonry cater to commercial clients in and around Davidson, Charlotte, Mooresville, and Huntsville. They also handle projects for businesses of all sizes in Cornelius, Concord and Kannapolis, and the surrounding areas.

Types of Commercial Masonry Features

Experienced companies such as these have the ability to handle all types of commercial masonry services including:

  • Slabs - Poured concrete slabs are a very common feature in commercial landscapes. These installations improve the stability and integrity of the outdoor spaces. But care needs to be taken to ensure that they are engineered to perfection and installed well. If the slab is being used as a base for any outdoor structure, it also needs to be leveled perfectly. This goes a long way in preventing expensive alterations in the construction later on.

  • Footings - Regardless of its size, every structure would have a foundation that has a footing under it. This feature plays an important role in ensuring the stability of the structure that stands above it. Expert commercial masonry contractors make sure that the footing is installed to support the weight of the foundation and the structure as well. They can design and install footings such as T-shape, Slab-on-grade and frost-protected. If the soil on the property is soft, it would need a poured concrete footing to provide stability.

  • Sidewalks and Curbs - Custom-designed concrete islands, sidewalks, and curbs provide very good support to newly-installed concrete parking lots. A beautiful stamped concrete sidewalk can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of the outdoor spaces. This job requires attention to detail, knowledge as well as access to the right materials and construction technology. Hiring an experienced contractor for the job is one way to ensure that it gets done as per code.

  • Poured Walls - Poured concrete walls that have been designed and installed by experts can add to the stability and beauty of a landscape. The company that handles this job for you would ensure that they tailor their solutions to your requirements. While walls have a very specific purpose in the landscape, they can also serve as decorative elements. Many property owners get these walls installed as privacy screens as well

If you want hardscaping features that will be functional, aesthetically appealing and durable, hire the services of a reliable and experienced company like Capel Masonry. They would be able to tailor solutions and ensure that your parking lot, driveway, walkway or deck are designed to perfection and installed at a reasonable commercial masonry cost.


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