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Paver Installations

Paver Installations Charlotte, NC

Pavers are extremely versatile products that are widely used in commercial and residential landscape projects. You can choose from pavers made of natural stone, brick or even concrete. These interlocking units are extremely versatile and can be used on various areas of your property. Paver installation may not seem like a very complicated process at first glance. However, it becomes very important to ensure that you hire experienced paving contractors that would be able to provide customized services.

Paver design and installation is a specialized job and hiring a skilled and proven company for your project is one the best ways to ensure you get the type of features you want. Companies like Capel Masonry cater to residential and commercial clients in and around Davidson, Charlotte, Mooresville, and Huntsville. They also handle projects for businesses of all sizes in Cornelius, Concord and Kannapolis, and the surrounding areas.

Paver Design & Installation

The company that handles your paver design and installation project, would make sure that they have detailed discussions with you to understand what your specific requirements are. And will also survey the space where the installation will be. This helps them ascertain which materials will work perfectly for that spot.

Based on the survey and the discussions they have had with you, they would provide you which material options and all the information related to brick, natural stone, and interlocking concrete pavers. This information will help you determine which products will suit your project.

Benefits of Paver Stones

Pavers are a good option for commercial and residential properties. There are a number of benefits to using these products such as:

  • Wide Variety - Pavers are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, designs, and textures. This means it’s possible to create the kind of designs and patterns you want in various outdoor spaces on your property. It helps lend a very unique and appealing look to the landscape.
  • Versatile - As mentioned earlier, pavers are extremely versatile and can be used for patios, decks, poolscapes, entryways, driveways, pathways, walkways etc. This allows designers to create a very cohesive look on your property and there will be no design or theme clashes.
  • Durability - When you are getting any installations for the outdoor spaces of your home or commercial establishment; you need to be sure that they would be durable and strong. Paver units made of natural stone, brick,and concrete are very sturdy and resilient. They are able to withstand exposure to the elements and last for a very long time.
  • Low Maintenance - Pavers are very low maintenance products and you only need to clean them with a pressure wash, or a regular garden hose to get rid of the debris, dirt etc. You can also make the surfaces stain and scratch-resistant by applying a sealcoaton them.

Aside from this, these products are also extremely cost-effective, making them ideal for commercial as well as residential projects. If you want paved areas that will be functional, aesthetically appealing and durable, hire the services of a reliable and experienced company like Capel Masonry. They would be able to tailor solutions and ensure that your patio, driveway, walkway or deck are designed to perfection and installed at a reasonable paver installation cost.


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