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Many properties in the Greater Charlotte region have landscaped areas with sport concrete footings and slabs. Most people are under the impression that these features are installed to improve the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces of the property. While these installations do enhance the appearance of the landscape, there is a more functional reason for which they are installed.

If you have an expansive landscape around your home or commercial building, this surrounding soil can cause severe structural damage to the building. The soil in your landscape undergoes a certain amount of swelling and shrinking in response to wet and dry climatic conditions. These warning changes can affect the building that stands on the property. Installing concrete slabs and footings is one way of improving the integrity and stability of the soil.

Capel Masonry & Concrete has been serving the Greater Charlotte area for a number of years. We have handled slabs and footings projects for clients in Davidson, Charlotte, and Mooresville. A significant number of businesses trust only us for all their concrete footing installation requirements. Our team has successfully completed slab installations on properties in Huntsville, and Cornelius, and has catered to clients needing hardscaping services in Concord and Kannapolis as well. Here is some more information that will help you understand where concrete slabs and footings can be installed and how we handle the installation process.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs have a number of support requirements and intended uses. This is also why there are a number of construction variables that need to be taken into consideration before we start with the actual concrete placement. Our team of experts is aware that concrete slab pouring requires efficient planning and the right design concept. The designers will first have detailed discussions with you to understand what your objectives are. They will survey the outdoor spaces in order to determine exactly where the slabs would need to be installed.

They will also determine the anticipated traffic as this is an essential step in choosing the perfect concrete mix, reinforcement materials, and design. By carefully planning all the steps they ensure that the materials and techniques used in installing concrete slabs are of the industry standard. In addition to this, we ensure that the concrete is poured perfectly and allowed to set well. The latest and most precise finishing tools are used in the work and we never cut corners in any of our projects.

Concrete Footings

Every structure has a foundation; and under most of these foundations, you will find footings. If a structure is built on soft soil or if the area under part of the foundation is soft it can cause a lot of trouble and impact the integrity of the structure. We know from experience that concrete footing responds differently to different types of soils. This is why we conduct detailed soil testing and then plan and design the footing accordingly. The different types of footings we can install include:

  • Frost-protected
  • Slab-on-Grade
  • T-shape

If you are looking for a company for any hardscaping requirements, Capel Masonry & Concrete is the company to call. Our team ensures uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. You can speak with our experts at this number- 704-690-5797 and discuss your project with them. You also have the option to send us your requests and inquiries about slabs and footings cost via this online form .