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Sidewalks and Curbs

Concrete Sidewalks Davidson, NC

Nothing supports a newly installed parking lot or a concrete road better than custom-designed concrete curbs, sidewalks, and islands. One of the best ways of enhancing the appeal of your commercial property as well as the neighborhood is to install a beautiful sidewalk in the right place. Sidewalk construction isn’t a job that you can entrust to a novice.

This project needs special knowledge, understanding about how concrete sets and aspects like design and planning. This is why you need an expert concrete sidewalk contractor like Capel Masonry & Concrete for the job. We have been serving the Greater Charlotte area for a number of years. Our team has handled sidewalk and curbs projects for clients in Davidson, Charlotte, and Mooresville. A significant number of businesses trust only us for all their curb installation requirements.

Local Sidewalk Construction Specialists

We have successfully completed projects on properties in Huntsville, and Cornelius, and has catered to clients needing hardscaping services in Concord and Kannapolis as well. A concrete sidewalk may seem like a very simple addition to a property; however, skilled craftsmanship can be the difference between a perfectly smooth finish and an imperfect and cracked surface.

In order to get a good return on investment as well as a feature that requires minimal maintenance, you need an experienced team of professionals. As a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years, we have the knowledge, technology, experience and the resources to handle sidewalk and curb design and installation projects in the best possible way.

The Importance of Getting a Sidewalk and Installed

There are a number of reasons why installing sidewalks and curbs on your property is a great idea. Sidewalks are slightly elevated features that run alongside the road. They aren’t just a part of your personal property but also a component of the road adjacent to them. They provide a safer area for pedestrians to walk along busy roads; especially in localities where walking on the roads can be very risky.

This feature or installation is separated from the edges by raised barriers called curbs that run parallel to the sidewalks. Curbing is the demarcation between the sidewalk and the road and it prevents cars from encroaching on the sidewalk. It's also why a sidewalk and curb installation go hand-in-hand. Together, these features ensure better road safety for pedestrians walking along that path.

Materials Used In Sidewalk Construction

A large majority of sidewalks are constructed using concrete. In some instances, the techniques and materials used in this installation are regulated by the local area in which you are working. We have extensive experience in handling these projects and adhere to all these guidelines. When we handle your sidewalk and curb installation project, you can rest assured that the features will be resilient, aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable.

If you are looking for a company for any hardscaping requirements, Capel Masonry & Concrete is the company to call. Our team ensures uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. You can speak with our experts at this number- 704-690-5797 and discuss your project with them. You also have the option to send us your requests and inquiries about sidewalk costs via this online form .