Commercial and Residential concrete and masonry Services


Hardscaping Davidson, NC

Every landscape is a combination of softscaping and hardscaping. While the plantings, trees, shrubs, and lawns add greenery and life to the outdoor spaces, the masonry elements lend stability, strength and sustainability and your landscape. Hardscaping includes features that have masonry elements such as driveways, walkways, pathways, patios, entranceways and more.

The other features that are part and parcel of most landscapes include stone garden steps, fireplaces, fire pits as well as other decorative stone and masonry elements. The important aspect to keep in view here is that your landscape needs to be a perfect blend of hardscaping and softscaping. This helps lend the outdoor spaces a certain balance which adds to the overall appeal and value of your property.

New Hardscape Design

If you are planning on getting a new landscape installed or want to upgrade an existing one, it’s important that you hire skilled and experienced landscapers like the ones at Capel Masonry & Concrete. We have been serving the Greater Charlotte area for a number of years. Our team has handled hardscape design and installation projects for clients in Davidson, Charlotte, and Mooresville.

A significant number of businesses trust only us for all their hardscaping requirements. We have successfully completed projects on properties in Huntsville, and Cornelius, and has catered to clients needing hardscaping services in Concord and Kannapolis as well.

Types of Hardscaping

Our experienced hardscapes designers can help create eye-catching focal points across your property; these features will also be functional and turn your landscape into a statement piece. The different types of hardscaping features that we can custom-design and install for you include:

  • Patios
  • Walkways, pathways and driveways
  • Retaining walls, boundary walls, garden walls
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Garden steps
  • Planters spaces
  • Seating walls
  • Paver entranceways and porches
  • Curbing and edging
  • Decorative concrete elements
  • And many more…

Top Quality Hardscaping Materials

Our team specializes in creating customized hardscapes elements for both commercials as well as residential properties that exceed client expectations. We are extremely passionate about what we do and it shows in all of our creations. When you hire us for any hardscaping project you can rest assured that your landscape will look unique and attractive.

A beautifully designed landscape improves the curb appeal of your property and increases its resale value as well. We make sure that all the hardscaping materials used in the project are weather-resistant and of the best quality. Not only do we use unique designs in our work, but also ensure that we use materials such as natural stone, the best of brick and concrete pavers, natural stone veneers etc. are used in the work.

It makes maintenance very easy and you can rest assured that the features will provide years of trouble-free service. This attention to detail helps ensure that your outdoor spaces are exactly how you expect them to be. If you are looking for a company for any hardscaping requirements, Capel Masonry & Concrete is the company to call. Our team ensures uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. You can speak with our experts at this number- 704-690-5797 and discuss your project with them. You also have the option to send us your requests and inquiries about hardscape cost via this online form .