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Residential Services

Residential Concrete Services Davidson, NC

Capel Masonry & Concrete has been serving the Greater Charlotte area for a number of years. We have handled projects for clients in Davidson, Charlotte, and Mooresville. A significant number of businesses trust only us for all their hardscape installation requirements.

We have successfully completed slab installations on properties in Huntsville, and Cornelius, and has catered to clients needing hardscaping services in Concord and Kannapolis as well. The ranges of residential services we offer include:

Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway is a very resilient and cost-effective option for residential properties. Concrete is a strong and durable material that can be stained, and textured, which helps improve its anti-slip properties. Concrete is no longer considered to be a boring or dull material and you can choose various colors, textures, and effects for your driveways. We can handle projects of every scale and offer a variety of solutions such as stenciled concrete, stamped concrete, pave-cut concrete as well as acid-stained concrete.

Concrete Patios

Concrete is a very resilient material that can withstand climatic changes very well. When used in patio installations it provides a very stable, strong and durable surface. We are the experts that can handle all types of concrete patio installations for your residential property. There was a time that concrete was considered to be a very dull looking material. However, advancement in technology now allows us to create stunning patios made of concrete in different colors and textures. You can choose to have a stamped concrete, stained concrete, or even a stenciled or polished concrete patio for your home.

Concrete Walkways

Walkways are a very important feature in most residential landscapes. These installations see a significant amount of wear and tear and are constantly exposed to the elements. This makes it important to use resilient materials in their construction. We can construct custom-designed concrete walkways on your residential property. These can be colored, stained, and textured to suit the design aesthetic and functional requirements of your home. We ensure that the best materials and craftsmanship are used in the project, so you have a feature that will be resistant to the weather and last for a number of years.


Hardscaping is concrete masonry features installed in the outdoor spaces of a property. These elements are generally installed as part of the first stage of a landscape project. Not only do they provide stability to the rest of the elements but they also increase the beauty and the functionality of the available space. We are the hardscaping experts that can design and install all types of hardscaping features such as driveways, walkways, pathways, retaining walls, boundary walls, patios as well as in entryways and paver installations. We use top-grade materials in all our hardscaping projects. This ensures you get outdoor spaces that will be low-maintenance, durable and ones that add to the appeal and value of your property.


Pavers are some of the most popular materials used in landscaping projects today. Homeowners like to ensure that they have outdoor spaces that look unique, allow them to use the yard optimally, and increase the value of their property as well. This is why we recommend the use of pavers made of natural stone, brick or concrete. These interlocking units can be installed very easily and quickly. They provide a very stable and resilient surface and are extremely versatile too. We can construct features such as patios, driveways, walkways, pathways or even poolscapes with pavers of different types. Since these products are available in different colors, sizes, designs, and textures it is possible to create a unique look on your property.

Retaining Walls

Sloping land in the outdoor areas of your property can sometimes add to the beauty of the landscape. You can create contoured landscaped areas or even the multi-tiered spaces. However, slopes can also become a hindrance when it comes to the installation of outdoor features like outdoor kitchens, patios, decks etc. In situations such as these, it becomes necessary to excavate certain portions of the landscape and level them well. The exposed rock and soil need support and this is where retaining walls can be built. We can also design and build retaining walls around patio spaces, fireplaces, and fire pit zones.

Slabs & Footings

Landscaped areas are a value-add to your property. However, excessive amounts of soil can also sometimes destabilize the land, impacting the structure that has been built on the property. Pouring concrete slabs and footings at strategic locations is one way to stabilize the soil. We are the concreting experts that have extensive experience in this field. Our team can design and install slabs and footings for your residential property. These features will be built with the best materials and top quality workmanship will be used in the project.

If you are looking for a company for any hardscaping requirements, Capel Masonry & Concrete is the company to call. Our team ensures uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. You can speak with our experts at this number- 704-690-5797 and discuss your project with them. You also have the option to send us your requests and inquiries about hardscaping cost via this online form .